About Our Junior Competitive Figure Skating Team

Our longest, most established Hurricanes team and, over the past 16 years, the most successful of our teams. We were Nationals Champions 4 years in a row from 2007 through 2010 and have traveled to Nations Cup twice in Europe.This past season they performed in the musical “Cats,” where they finished in 4th place against a very strong field.

This places the Juniors in contention for a Nations Cup invitation for the 2021 event. We are super excited about this, and the girls are already working hard for this season's numbers.

2019 US Nationals Pelham, AL

2018 US Nationals Geneva, IL

2016 US Nationals Pelham, AL

2015 US Nationals Hyannis, MA

Junior Team finished second overall performing – social media Takes Over the World. Computer-mediated tools create, share, or exchange information, ideas, and pictures in virtual communications and networks. In one year, time spent on social media increased by 99%! Is this real socializing? Social Media provides more breadth, but not the depth of relationships we humans require.

2014 US Nationals Dearborn, MI

The Junior team, lying in second place after the CE, were excited to take to the ice and present their “Indiana Jones and the Ice Temple of Doom” original Free-skate routine. Against intense competition, they finished in fourth position, but this result, combined with last year’s third place, holds us in strong contention for the World Theatre on Ice team next April. USFS will announce the chosen teams at the end of July!

2013 US Nationals Troy, OH

After an excellent finish of first place in the first part of the choreographic exercise competition, the newly formed Junior team had a lot of pressure. They performed their Hollywood Legends free skate up against the tough competition and were just one judge away from winning the entire event. The placement ordinals were so tight that we finished third but still in good stead to qualify for Nations Cup 2015. Welcome back to the podium, Junior team. Out of thirteen teams, this was not an easy task!