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Providing Weekly Figure Skating Classes for Over 20 Years

Space Coast Hurricanes

Bringing the World of Competitive Figure Skating to You

Theatre on Ice is a form of competitive figure skating popular in Europe for about 20 years. At Space Coast Hurricanes, we bring the beautiful art form to the United States through an exciting and empowering Theatre On Ice Program.

About Theatre on Ice

The Theatre on Ice (TOI) is a concept that covers all aspects of figure skating. This form of skating incorporates a theme, emotion, or story enhanced by music. It is a five-dimension performance with a choreography of skating movements, props, scenery, music, and a central theme.

Currently, we have four teams: Intro, Preliminary, Junior, and Adult. Three of the four are traveling competitive teams.

Space Coast Hurricanes
Space Coast Hurricanes

Mission & Vision

The Space Coast Iceplex, with coach Katie Nyman, is proud to be one of the first rinks in the country to host a Theatre on Ice program. Our mission is to be an inspiring and fun space where figure skating enthusiasts can compete, learn, and explore diverse opportunities.